fetus soapNothing smells fresher than a newborn baby. So fetuses must smell pretty nice. They should bottle that smell. Or better yet, just embed a fetus directly in your soap so you can smell fresh as the day you were concieved. That’s what Etsy seller Wombscape did.

fetus soap
Each soap is created one at a time just like real fetuses are created. “At 12 – 13 weeks, the fetus is averaged to be around 2.5 inches, which is the size of the fetus in this soap – we were all this size once.” Yeah, but no one ever ripped the fetus out of his wife and started lathering up with it.

Fetus soap does look like it gets nice and sudsy though. Bonus: When your soap is gone you get a new action figure. It will be the youngest in your collection.