ginger boy scout of deathI don’t know if this guy is a Leprechaun, an elf, or some undead freak of nature, but I’m confident that he earned the “creep the f**k out of everyone” badge and probably ate his scout leader too. Probably mixed the guy’s body with that can of baked beans I gave those little sh*ts last week when they hung a bag on my door (With several more on my lawn) and expected me to fill it with stuff I hate. Mission accomplished on that one. I gave them 2 cans of SPAM and a half case of Chef Boy’Ardee. Enjoy the GMOs troop unknown number with creepy looking scout leader.

ginger boy scout of death
This guy looks like half gypsy, half boy-scout. If this one comes knocking just throw your cans at his head and do the world a favor. He stands 27” tall and is made of 100% creep. Who made him? Dear God, why? We don’t know. Just like I don’t know why God made cockroaches. I just know they make me shiver all over, so I kill them. Some things are just evil. This sideshow freak even has bells on his shoes, so at least you’ll hear him coming.

I really can’t say anymore. I’m getting all freaked out just looking at him. He and his troop are probably making a soap box derby car of death as I write this. Maybe earning a “demented ginger” badge. Jesus, this thing just gets under my skin. I’m out!

He is $549. on Ebay.