Skull Wrist Cuff
Damn! That dude’s wrist and hand look badass! He’s got a fist full of rings, all the right tats, a snake bone bracelet and a Skull Wrist Cuff. Doing a pose like he just claimed the power of Grayskull. I feel like I got punched, just looking at the picture. I did get punched! Cuz I just spit out 2 teeth! Damn, I don’t want any trouble man. I need a cuff like that so people take me seriously, cuz this My Little Pony bracelet just ain’t working. But it does go with my cutie mark. Just saying.

Look at them skulls, all large and in charge. They go great with a motorcycle too. Which means I would have to upgrade my big wheel and that just ain’t happening. I do wicked drifts on that thing. Meaning I drift off at the wheel after a six pack and just coast, but it’s cool cuz I’m the only one in danger.