prison shivsThis collection of authentic prison shivs, shanks, blades, snitch openers and rat skewers is displayed in a lovely shadowbox. They all supposedly date from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. They include such parts as a screwdriver stolen from the shop, duct tape,rope and who knows what else. Shivs. It’s how you make your point in da joint! Get it?

It reminds me of my time inside the hoosegow. That’s right. I’m hardcore. I did a hard 20 at the Pen. You got a problem bro? 20 days for not paying parking tickets ain’t no cake walk son! Thug life foreva. No internet, no cable. You only think you’re hardcore until you miss the series finale of LOST? How was that BTW? Did it have the amazing ending everyone wanted? Never did get back to that.

Anyway, these shivs and shanks are all nicely handcrafted by various inmates, lovingly rusted and ready for somebodies ribs, though I don’t recommend that. Life’s for living not for shivin’. That’s been my motto since I got released.
prison shivs
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