Sugar Skull Comforter Set or Duvet Cover
Turn the Day of the Dead into the Day of the Bed. And just don’t get out for anyone or anything. Leave me alone, I’m tired! This Sugar Skull Comforter Set or Duvet Cover is from FolkandFunky, which sounds like a lame buddy cop show from the 60s. One likes folk music, the other likes funk. Together they are cleaning up the streets.

Awwww look at those skulls. They’re so in love. I wonder how they do “it”? Take that back. No I don’t. Just got a mental image of bone on bone action. Wasn’t really all that gross, but the sound of bones on bones grinding really hurt my ears. When the skeletons are rockin’, don’t come a knockin’! I hear that she’s a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. If you know what I’m saying. More like a creak in the sheets. You know, cuz bones.

Till death do us part? I got news for you two. I think you’re about to divorce cuz you is both dead dead dead! But you look lovely. Really, you two are a cute couple. Couple of corpses!

Seriously, they have all kinds of awesome Gothic, skeleton, too creepy to go to bed sets. Check out the whole shop.