Sumo Wrestler Notepad
My wife pointed these Sumo Wrestler Notepads out to me. I quote, “If I leave a note for your lard ass on a notepad that has another lard ass on it, maybe you’ll actually notice and do your chores.”

Yeah well. You’re a lard ass!

Real original! Fatso. Remember that time you sat on your iPhone and turned it into an iPad?

Whatevs. Saw a Sci-Fi movie the other night. It starred Jane Fonda as you. Carb-arella!

F you! Rememember that time you sued Xbox 360 for guessing your weight?

They had a camera. I nearly won that case! Anyway, you’re so fat, you leave the house in high heels and come back in flip-flops.

Are you as turned on as I am right now?

I think so even though you are a disgusting blob!

Good. Get to the bedroom you fat f**k. It’s Sumo time!