haunted dollThis creepy doll comes from the collection of Ebay seller Animaltalk 2012.The seller says that her family isn’t happy about her large collection of haunted dolls, so she has decided to find new homes for them on Ebay. This particular doll has very high EMF readings, which the seller shows proof of in photos and also in a very creepy video. The seller states, “That it is very important if you claim that your dolls are haunted (or have energy levels) that you are able to show it, so you can see what exactly you are purchasing.”
haunted doll
This doll’s name is Tabatha and she was originally purchased from a woman in Gardner,MA. The original owner loved how the doll was so lifelike and beautiful and purchased it for her daughter. The doll gave the little girl “the creeps” and she couldn’t stand having it in her room. So, the mother got rid of it.haunted doll
According to the present owner of the doll, Ebay seller Animaltalk 2012,”Tabatha is the Rolls Royce of paranormal dolls and I have found no negativity about her, people are intimidated by her because of her life like appearance and all the energy that surrounds her.”haunted doll

We don’t scare all that easily, but the video of this doll in the dark, with the beeping EMF detector, actually creeped us out. The stills from the video are even creepier. We agree with the little girl and wouldn’t want that doll in our room either. haunted dollhaunted dollhaunted dollhaunted doll