This Guy Lost His Virginity To Aliens, Now He Paints About It
Some guys get f**ked by aliens and just use some hemorrhoid cream and try to forget about it. Others feel lonely and hug their pillow for like a year. Not this guy. 72-year-old painter David Huggins paints paintings about it. He lost his virginity at seventeen to an “alien hybrid” named Crescent, and sired “over fifty hybrid-alien children”. Sounds legit. At least he doesn’t have to pay child intergalactic support. Should have used an intergalactic prophylactic.

He was walking through a forest in Georgia towards a lake. He saw her sitting next to a tree. Crescent had a perfectly normal human appearance except for her head—her pale, pointed face had large black eyes and she was wearing a wig. They both disrobed and he soon lost his virginity.

Sounds like an epic love story. Thanks to Crescent the space-milf, now David is the subject of an upcoming documentary called Love and Saucers, which you can check out below. Personally, I would have called it I love Uranus, Uranus love me, but I wasn’t consulted.
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