Alien Xenomorph Looking Sharks Caught Near Taiwan  - Get Away From Her, You Fish!
The world continues to get crazier and more nightmarish every day and not just because I just dropped two ice cubes in a whiskey glass only find out I’m out of Nyquil. Well, mainly because of that, but also because of these Alien Xenomorph Looking Sharks that were recently snagged by researchers near Taiwan. Yes, they look like Alien Xenomorphs. Yes, I’m not sleeping anytime soon. Are those snake teeth on a shark? Yes they are. They can move their jaw beyond their mouth. *Sigh. Shakes Nyquil over the ice one more time. Nothing comes out… Again. Looks out the window.* Oh, now I see the problem. BRB.

*Returns with new bottle. Pours it. Drinks. Ahhhhhhh.* Silly me, trying to drink Nyquil when it’s day outside. Luckily I have a fresh batch of Dayquil. That hit the spot. Don’t try this at home. I’m what you call a professional.
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