duct tape maskWith this duct tape mask you can become the ultimate DIY villain. Just wear this mask, hang like 6 rolls of duct tape off your utility belt, put a strip of duct tape down the side of each pant leg like Han Solo, and hit the streets. How long do you think it’s going to be before Batman comes for you?

What’s that? You just don’t give a duct? Fair enough. At least allow me to give you a theme song. This is song to the tune of the Duck Tales theme, because I have found that to come in handy for all kinds of made up songs in my life. Here goes:

Do do do do do-to-da do oh Duct Man. Wooo-hooo.

It just repeats like that. I know, brilliant right? Cartoons are awesome. I learned a lot from that show. Scrooge McDuck also taught me that pants are completely optional. Of course the local Five-O taught me different, but that’s another story.

Hey, that’s a good name. Scrooge McDuct!

Maybe a Game of Thrones slogan: For the night is duct and full of terrors…

No? Whatevs. Go duct yourself.