haunted hat and journalWe would like to share with you the strange and mysterious case of a Mr. Charlie Gordon. He was a poor and unfortunate chap who met with an untimely ending and all that was left as evidence of his sad existence was his hat and an old blank journal. According to Ebay seller the-inspectors-closet, they purchased these items from Mr. Gordon’s estate, from an equally mysterious “Mr. M.”, whose specialty is dealing in ‘freaky-tiques’. Mr. M. has quite the collection of unique, weird, bizarre things, occult items, old creepy books and supposedly haunted curios and is more than happy to tell the odd tale behind each piece.

“Mr. M purchased Mr. Gordon’s last worldly possessions from the son of the boarding house owners, who rented out the room to Mr. Gordon, during his final days. According to their son, “Charlie Gordon had just moved into their hotel/boarding house in North Jersey a couple of weeks before he disappeared. No one really got a chance to know him but he was supposedly a nice guy who worked in NY and took the train into the city every day. He was unmarried, about 40 years old, and just went to work and came home. He kept to himself for the most part and never went out or had callers, or even got any mail.”

“Then one day Charlie goes to work, and never comes back. By the time he’s missed, they figure they should check his room in case he never left and maybe had some medical problem. They checked and not only found no Charlie, but no sign that he had ever had lived there. Nothing in the dresser drawers, nothing in the closet– nothing under the bed, in the waste basket– nothing, except for a hat and the 1958 day book, which was empty. These were set aside in a box in the landlord’s closet in case Charlie came back, or sent for them– but he never did. Nobody ever contacted them, no family members with an explanation, or employer.”

“The landlord and family speculated that he may have been injured or worse yet killed in an accident, but that still didn’t explain the empty room. Someone suggested that perhaps there really wasn’t a Charlie Gordon, and it was all a ruse for something possibly illegal. Since he had paid a month’s rent in advance, it wasn’t a matter they’d call the police in for. After awhile when the mysterious Charlie Gordon failed to return or contact them, the room was rented and the curious episode forgot, as was Mr. Gordon.”

The Ebay seller concludes with these final interesting yet eerie thoughts, “Mr. M. concluded with the observation that maybe a medium or a psychic could put on the hat and channel Charlie, to fill the blank day book! Interesting tale, may even make a great book someday. Personally, I’d like to think that Charlie was maybe an alien, or a time traveler. Anyway, enough food for thought!”