airstream trailer coffinDie in style with this sweet Airstream Trailer Fantasy Coffin. Only $3,000. from Ebay seller track16vintage. According to the seller, this is how they bury people in Ghana. In cool unusual coffins. Sounds legit. The Ghana-rheans (Is that right?) are pretty cool peeps.

I’m moving to Ghana. In Ghana, funerals are a pretty big deal. Children of the deceased are assigned new parents, and mourners spend days in heartfelt conversation with their lost loved ones. (Sweet! New parents to buy me a new Xbox. No need to gab at me all afterlife though.) Check this out. Women give the body a ritual bath and set out objects that the person will need in the afterlife too. (Awesome. Bathe me in a bubble bath please. Nevermind that my man-stick is going all flagpole on ya. That’s just what happens after death. Please lay out some Cheetos, the already mentioned Xbox and some Mountain Dew.)

I am totally gonna be a Ghana-rhean. Click through to check out the inside.

airstream trailer coffin