gene simmons hairThis Ebay seller met Gene Simmons and had the typical screaming fan girl pics taken with him since he was man-crushing uber hard. This guy is giving the thumbs up in the pic and he is all like, “Check it out, I just met Gene Simmons”, while Gene Simmons is all like “I just had my dinner interrupted AGAIN by another weird stalker.” *points* What we are creeped out about is that this dude thought it would rock, to snip off and sell his straggly goatee that he was wearing on the night he met Mr. Simmons. Oh and because he says his goatee has magical powers.

gene simmons hairgene simmons hair
From the auction:

Up for auction- between 3″-3.5″ of REAL human red beard hair. I will cut it off my face at the chin (see pics) and I will make a video of it getting cut. I will mail you the beard with a link to the video so you know you got the same beard. THIS BEARD HAS MET GENE SIMMONS AT HIS NEW RESTAURANT on October 5, 2013! (Yes, that IS Shannon and sister and friends there too!) It was a truly incredible moment that has altered my life. He loved it so much he gave it his signature point n smile! Ever since that experience my beard seems to have been feeding me power. It feels like my beard is magic! Everywhere I go now people comment on the beard and I have been getting special treatment all the time! Free trip to CA, free dinners and more, this beard has brought me luck. Highest bidder gets to do almost whatever they want with it.

You do not have permission to use this hair for unlawful purposes nor are you permitted to extract or manipulate DNA from it.

Sadly this auction only ended for 1 American cent. No doubt bought by someone who likes to rock and roll all night and spend a penny every day. Now that this beard is removed from his face, it probably goes by the name “Face Freeley”. Get it? Ace Frehley? Face Frehley? Tough crowd. It’s free from the face. Ace Frehley from the band?