underwear quiltSome items are creepy because they look so fugly to the eye. Others because the seller is creepy. And some, like this Underwear Quilt are just plain WTF! Now you and 11 of your friends can all hop into your individual man-sack compartments and sleep together like recently separated parts of a human centipede.

I’m thinking that the seller, culturequeen, wants to hang a bunch of man-babies on her wall and watch them squirm together in this tidy whitey quilt. Which won’t be tidy for long since it looks like it would be hard to escape when all man briefs are occupied. Stop elbowing me bro! No you stop kicking my head! Your head is in my crotch! Who is this crazy lady and what does she want with us? Dear God please! When will we die? Did you just pooh on me?

It will cost you $500. Pay the seller, get your tranquilizer gun ready and start collecting men. You can hang this thing in the basement. What else would you do with it? It’s creepy and you are a creeper. Keep creeping my friend.

Update: Here is some video of these guys frolicking in the pool before their capture. Yeah, I know that the video says 11 guys, not 12, but that’s only because she got the first one alone and roofied his ass real good early on. These poor guys have no idea. At least they had one last wet and wild weekend together.