cute weird alienYou’ll find all kinds of strange and bizarre creatures in Etsy seller netherworldoddities’ shop, but this cute and weird extraterrestrial is special. I’m pretty sure he will grant you three wishes, before laughing maniacally and disappearing in a puff of smoke that smells like a fart, which is this tricksters final gift to you.

First I would be all like, “Look, give me unlimited wishes and I will wish for some legs for your little Jabba The Hutt body. Are you with me here? Or do you want to crawl around like a slug all your life?” You have to know how to handle these Genie types. Of course, I would give him “table legs”, which are pretty useless. No Genie is getting one over on me! Not after last time. *Peers out the curtain, watching all the male deer graze on my front lawn…my neighbors lawn…his neighbor’s lawn…and everywhere* Stupid literal Genie, giving me the million bucks I asked for!

cute weird alien