Weird Knife/Pipe Black Magic Ritual ToolSometimes when you are smoking you just want to cut a b**ch. Apparently that’s the idea behind this weird devil/demon item, which is a combination smoking pipe and knife. This thing sold for $20 recently. The bowl of the pipe is between his legs and the other end of the pipe comes out his butt. So, you would basically be sucking demon-butt to get a hit. I can’t imagine that would taste like Marlboro. Well, at least you are keeping his colon clean.

This freaky demon has a single horn coming out of its head and animal pelt for hair. The top of the head is actually a knife that you can pull up to reveal a stainless steel blade. To top it all off, those teeth are REAL.

This thing belongs in the smoking room of some Secret Society where they can pass it back and forth and play sick games. And I ain’t talking twister and Yahtzee.

More images below.

Weird Knife/Pipe Black Magic Ritual Tool

Thanks Jessie H. You were the high bidder weren’t you?