Woman Records Orbs And A Ghost In Kitchen
Below is a video of a woman in her kitchen filming supernatural orbs. Our you know, dust particles. Would it kill you to swiffer once in a blue moon? Get the old vacuum out and put some elbow grease into it? You gotta clean people. If you don’t you are going to have all kinds of supernatural phenomenon. Or…It could have been some kid outside with a flashlight. You be the judge. I’ll be the jury and the executioner. Orbs are flying fast and furious by the middle of this video- What the shizz??!!!?/?

Real honest to God ghost attacks at 1:04. It’s… the ghost of Roy Orbison! Gotta be!

And can we talk about that kitchen? You need some design help girl. You designing on a dime alright. A dime bag!

via Geekologie