Zombie Brains PendantBrains! I need brains! Where are brains? Ohhhh look, a Zombie Brains Pendant. That brain looks abby-normal. Probably because of the zombie virus eating away at it, making this brain crave other brains. But isn’t that what the education system is all about? That was just a little joke about our education system. You know what’s not a joke? Fashion and style. This pendant has both. You can practically see that brain bubbling with zombie juices. Mmmmmm zombie juices. Can I get that in a juice box or sippy cup please? To go? Thanks. Can you write my name on the cup like that fancy zombie filled coffee chain, so I feel like a special little zombie snowflake? Awesome. You have yourself a good day too. *Drops a nickel and a lint ball in the tip jar*

This pendant really satisfies my craving for brains. When you wear it, make sure you say, “Hey buddy, my brains are up here.” Cuz that would be funny.