turkey wing angelThis dual turkey legged monstrosity is supposed to be an angel. I would guess it is the angel of genetically engineered meat even though it was listed on ebay as “HANDMADE OOAK WINGED ANGEL. DOLL .WALL OR SHELF —–PRETTY COOL!” Pretty cool indeed if you need a flying hunk of double turkey leg dressed like your grandmother wearing her favorite doily.
turkey wing angel
You can buy it for $19.95. It’s perfect for priests who need to practice exorcising demons. It also makes a good redneck toy. Just let your buddy toss it up into the air while you shoot it full of buckshot. That’s one hellspawn that won’t be bothering your kin anymore!

This doll enjoys f**ked up thanksgiving dinners and squatting on your favorite trophy, while knitting new booties for her drumsticks. The seller is appropriately named tangles123. Oh what a tangled web she weaved. I tried to read her ad, but it’s all caps. Stop yelling at me! She’s probably on edge from having this little freak of nature zip around her home and perch on her shoulder, demanding yet more souls.