scary hamburger lamp
This hamburger lamp is a night light nightmare. Looks like Mayor McCheese turned into a Vampire. The irony is that people should be this scared of Mickey D’s burgers, but they’re not. Let that be a lesson to you. This burger bites back!

This hamburger night light will watch over you as you sleep. Payback for all of those hamburgers you ate in your life. Plus the two you ate today. You know what else is payback for all of those burgers? Endless diarrhea. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that one burger that was on display to show how they never decay. I thought that “2 years” label was how long it was good for, not how long my bowels would fight back.

Designer Jun Takahashi made this lamp in 2002. And like a real McDonald’s burger, it’s still around to haunt us. It will never decay.

via Neatorama