Victorian Ghost Photobombs Selfie
Not one to let the basic pumpkin spice latte loving women of our own era get away with having some photo fun, this victorian ghost decided to photobomb their selfie. She has a look on her face like f**k you you young whippersnappers!

Then she went on an unheard and unseen tirade about how back in her day, no one dressed like that and where are their proper clothes? And wipe all of that makeup off your face ye harlot! You’ll never get a husband like that!

This picture surfaced in 2014 and was taken in a bar, which is an important fact in this case. Bars are full of drunk people. Sometimes full of OLD drunk people, some of whom dump flour all over their body just to look ghostly so they can photobomb two hotties. So who knows if this is real or fake. One thing I do know is that bars are for drinking, not for selfies!

via Freaklore