cat drinking fountainGive your cat friends a neat fountain to drink from and stop making them drink from a dish. They just want to be like you and do things that humans do. This $1,250. cat fountain is all fluffy requires for his or her drinking needs.

All my cat would do with this is just bat her hands against the water a few times and then sit and look at me.

*I made you waste your money again human.*

It’s not a waste you little-. I bought it for me. Watch me drink from it. See?

*I made you drink from a cat fountain human. Your lives belong to me*

First off, I only have one life, not nine. Second-

*One puny lives for me to dominatez?*

What are you-?

*Hisssss! Enough acting brave for yourz blog. Into the room of living. I grow weary and haz need of yourz lap for nap timez.*

Looks like I have a new human fountain. Gotta go.

cat drinking fountain

cat drinking fountain