venus flytrapGreat. Halloween will be here soon. Or as I like to call it, “The one night I get to walk down the street and sh*t myself repeatedly because everything and everyone in the neighborhood are all scary and out to get me.” I’m not afraid though. This year I’m wearing my big-boy pants. A 40 waist if you must know. But I’m gonna work out on Halloween. Just long enough to get some candy.

Gonna be brave and not yell for my mommy this year when a mummy hands me candy and brushes my hand. I mean, I’m still gonna shriek and run to her(She waits on the sidewalk), but I’m not gonna freak out and have her call me a “fat pasty man-baby” again as she curses my father.

Anyway, check out this awesome $900 Venus Fly Trap Halloween prop. Gonna put this outside so it will be the flies that sh*t themselves.

venus flytrap