lounging skeleton desk organizer
This Lounging Skeleton In Casket Desk Organizer is not going to rest in peace. Ever. Not after you bury him under all of your paperclips, pens and whatever else you pencil pushers use. Me? I don’t need a desk organizer. I have the old timey typewriter method of working. I type for a while, then when an old timey typewriter would need it’s paper changed like an infant needing a new diaper(Wah! Wah! I am old technology! Change me and powder my bottom!) I swipe everything off my desk to the left and repeat. It makes for a very tidy desk. And a mountain of crap to the left of it.

It’s cool. It’s mostly Kit-Kat wrappers and the insects that love them.

I’m out! Gonna go lounge like a skeleton. I better not wake up buried in paperclips you guys!