black americanaNot much to say about this listing for a Vintage 7 Pc Lot Black Americana Native African Figurines Salt Pepper Set. Wow. Just wow.

I know that many people collect stuff like this just for the historical value, (Well, those people and racists) but it’s just such a bizarre image as well as a bizarre time in our country’s history. Also, the seller loses some points for trying to use a USPS box as a convincing backdrop.

Would it kill you to put a pic of an island behind them? Just use your computer/tablet screen. When they shot LOST, do you think J.J. Abrams said, “Hey, our budget kinda sucks. Let’s just make a wall of priority mail boxes and change the script. Find every mention of the ‘Dharma Iniative’ in the script and replace it with ‘U.S. Postal Service!’ Now we’re cooking. Say, I wonder how I can f**k up a true classic like Star Trek?”

No, he didn’t say that. Because J.J. is a consummate professional. He thought it though. Bastard! You my dear seller are no J.J. Cue the lens flares! I’m Out!