This Guy Is The Ultimate eBay Pitchman
This guy rocks the hell out of eBay. He must be selling stuff like crazy.

The title: Star Wars.

Is it a car? An action figure? A poster? Who knows.

The listing says only: “It’s new the package is mess up”

No sh*t! The package is “mess up”. The package is gone. It’s just the bubble with the figure inside. Dude don’t care! He’s got no shirt, probably no pants on either and has a smoke going. All right there in his trailer park kitchen. Every item the dude sells is like this. He’s the honey badger of eBay. He don’t care!

He’s like, “Look, I’m half naked, just got up and you want this $2 item or not? I got a beer can collection to admire!”

Thanks for the tip Jeremy.