obese kidThis porky little fellow has a pair of six guns and at least a 30 inch waist. Here’s an old photo of little Charlie Hudson, a two year old who tipped the scales at 75 pounds. Doctors said he had the physique of a 6 year old. He’s very rolly-polly, jolly and kinda creepy.

You might be thinking, “How the heck did something as freakish as this happen to this young lad?” This part of the tale is missing. All we know for sure is that no ho-hos escaped his greedy clutches. This little piggy went to market and never left. Here’s what I think happened:

Little Charlie started out life just like the rest of us. He was a normal bouncing bundle of joy- ten fingers, ten toes. Charlie’s mama was of the paranoid sort and having survived the great depression, she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even though her babe was perfectly fine, she suffered from the constant fear of something being wrong with him, so she doted on him way too much and overfed him several times an hour. She wanted her boy to grow up to be strong and healthy and did it out of love, of course. Little Charlie soon became big Charlie and went on to have quite the career as the poster child for the Grove’s tonic company. The end.obese kid