Antique Skull Travel Cases
These Antique Skull Travel Cases are a cool way to creep out the TSA while traveling.

Whatcha got in there?


Mind if I take a look.

I would rather you not.

Open up the case sir.

It was your idea. You open it. *Backs up slowly.*

*Guy hits the buttons and the case lid flies open. Two midgets in full clown costumes climb out. One of them kicks the guy in the nads. As he’s doubled over, the other midget clown pushes the dude, who falls into the suitcase, screaming as if he’s falling forever. Both midget clowns climb back inside and close the lid.*

*Looks around airport. Tries to act nonchalant.*

We all good guys?

*There’s a knock on the suitcase from inside.* Awesome. *Goes on my way, whistling.*