mr gross mouthGiant Mr. Gross Mouth is here to scare all of the kiddies away from the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco. (Drugs are bad..Mmmmkay?) If you don’t know what the heck “smokeless” tobacco is, it’s that brown stuff you see rednecks cramming in between their cheek and gums. Every now and then, they have to spit on the ground(Or on the floor in a home). I think spitting at bugs might be an age old redneck sport.

mr gross mouthFrom the looks of this Nasco medical model, chewing tobacco does a whole lot more than make hillbillies spit too much. Looks like it creates a whole world of hurt and rot. Looks like we finally have proof about why so many rednecks have bad teeth…and here you thought all along, that it was from them not brushing them. Or because moonshine had some paint thinner in it

Ebay seller Coopermomski says that this 3-D mouth model shows some fine examples of gingivitis, carcinomas and various forms of tooth decay, including a 4″ wide cancerous tongue. So gross mouth I think we all learned something today.