The Night Dad Went to Jail
Now you can explain to your children why daddy went to jail. Next you can explain why he is a dirtbag, followed by why he never paid child support. It’s probably too late to get the book explaining why daddy didn’t wear a condom.
Anyway, you have to love some of the Amazon reviews on this children’s book:

Simple explanations…works well with children. It helps tremendously in explaining and helping children to understand. I will use it over and over…

WTF? How many times are you expecting that loser to get locked up? This next review sums it up nicely.

Can someone tell me why I would want to buy this for my child if it were true? How about retitling it “Daddy is a dirt bag loser and he’s never allowed to be around you ever again”! I can’t believe someone actually thought this was a good idea. It’s no wonder our society is declining so rapidly and there are no morals, ethics, humanity, or taking responsibility for one’s actions. Books like this definitely do not help the societal crisis we’re experiencing these days!

Amen brotha! Gotta go now. It’s visiting day at the joint and I’m supposed to deliver a two word message from my mom to my dad. How do you say F U nicely? She would tell him herself, but she lost visiting privileges with that whole shiv in a cake incident.