Dark Cheshire Cat Hoodie
This Dark Cheshire Cat Hoodie is for cattin’ around. Meow! I’mma wear it and create some Malice in Wonderland. I’ll be so proud that I’ll look like the cat that ate the canary. Until someone sees me cough up dark feathers, then they’ll know I ate a Raven. Don’t worry, after that last one I’m saying nevermore! They give me indigestion when I should be full of righteous indignation.

It’s got ribs, ears, eyes, a nose… You ARE the cat. Can I get a meow? I didn’t hear you! I said can I get a meow! Louder people! Laterz. Gotta go practice bathing myself with my tongue. I’mma be that cat for realz!

*Cough* Ack! Ack! *Spits* I taste terrible.