creepy van
In the world of creeper vans, this one is pretty much on the low end and would only be appealing to a very budget impaired, stupid serial killer.  It doesn’t take a police detective to figure out that someone rolling around town in this set of rusty old creep wheels would be put up way high on the criminal suspects list and would be pulled over every time a cop saw them cross their path. creepy van

Not sure why trinketsandjunkseller is trying to appeal to the serial killer crowd with their ad, unless they have it out for serial killers and are secretly planning on luring a bad guy to their house (local pick up only) and going all Dexter style on their not so innocent customer when they show up to pick up the van.

The seller might not even have to take it that far, because the van is oozing with rusty tetanus loving goblins who will have fun dealing with any future owners of this vehicle. You won’t get very far down the road in this creep-mobile Mr. Creeper…