deer butt pencil sharpenerI’m sorry I missed this amazing Deer Butt Pencil Sharpener from Ebay seller ratracer496. It ended just the other day. Fingers crossed that he relists this one. You just know there is some super anger guy out there who needs an outlet for his frustration. When you get angry, what better cure then to stand quickly, all red faced and fuming, walk over to your Deer butt pencil sharpener and ram it in good! Take that Bambi! And thanks for the super fine point.

deer butt pencil sharpener
I used to have one like this. It ended my teaching career. But Mr. Winterford, I don’t want to sharpen my pencil. I’m scared. God damn it Timmy, wipe that snot off your face and stop your crying. You take that number 2 pencil and make it sharp in the deer’s butt! Are you 4 years old or 2? Fine, I’ll sharpen the pencil for you. Go sit over on that rug of quilted bear butts and stop your whining! Kids!