creepy dollAt first glance, this doll looks like a cheap, cheesy tourist trap souvenir. Your eyes see that bright and happy colored dress that it’s holding a cheery little fruit basket. First impressions can be deceiving though and before you know it, you are lured in and under its soul sucking spell.

creepy dollYou look into the doll’s dark, demonic eyes and start to laugh to yourself a bit and think “Oh man, that’s one ugly mofo”…and “Why would anyone want to own this crap!??” Then the creeps finally hit you full on and a cold shiver runs up and down your spine as you focus in and inspect even closer- is that real human teeth and hair? What is this freaky voodoo creation from hell???

creepy dollIt grosses you out and sickens you, but you can’t help yourself and keep on looking at it. All of your senses scream “run for your life!”, but now it is too late and the doll has you fully in its grip and you think you hear the doll laughing maniacally and gnashing its teeth.

The person selling it on Ebay says they don’t know its history (yeah, sure they don’t). They just want to quietly unload this cursed piece of creep on an unsuspecting buyer, hoping that its bad juju follows it to the new owner. The seller makes a joke about how it would make a nice housewarming gift. Haha…only if you truly hate someone and want their lives and new home ruined!