foil united statesMost of the time we try to keep everything respectful here at Creepbay. We keep things funny, but we don’t ever cross the line and attack a seller or their items in a direct personal nature. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t call them out on a Fail. Sometimes sellers are just so arrogant, the item so bad, or the seller so sloppy, we have to stand up and say something. (that’s why we have a sloppy sellers category. You have to hand it to Etsy seller g9sf. He/She certainly knows how to fail. And she breaks the mold as far as Sloppy Sellers are concerned.

Take this foil map of the USA. Granted, my kid could do it too and I would just smile, then laugh behind his back with the driver of his short bus. No, I don’t coddle him. Anyway, I would normally do that here, too, but this seller just takes the piss. $100,000.00?

The seller’s own words:

“square 2.5 inch square cut pieces of cardboard covered in foil and holographic paper with scotch tape and hot glue. about 2 by 3 feet”

Well, Etsy is as full of dreams as it is weird soaps and doilies. If that were all, I would never raise attention to this seller. However-
hair ball
This hairy situation here is another attempt at attention.

“Plastic black hair and plastic combs. by g9”

Again it is $100,000.00. Not only is this just plain lazy art. It is again priced to never sell, assuring that it will sit in her Etsy dream cottage for all time so that everyone can see how clever she is. We see a pattern developing. A pattern of need. The need of praise, the need to be noticed, the need to stand out from the rest of the handcrafting herd. Again, taking the piss. And taking up valuable space that could go to a goth ooak doll or a dictionary page with a drawing on it. Nice pic too. It looks like the end of the day at a Storage Wars auction.

Many of her items proclaim that G9 is a famous artist. I don’t know if she is or not, but people will buy anything after all. Maybe she does cater to a certain crowd, whom I will call the mentally unbalanced. The people who love these kinds of art turds are usually just like the artist after all. Maybe they need to validate themselves.
Here they took a picture of a couple at an Iraq War protest, holding up a sign that says “word”. So they called it “Word 2003” and a print was made and a price of…wait for it..$100,000.00 was put on the piece.

Chances are you have scrolled past these Etsy listings yourself and just wished that these people would STFU and stop getting in your way while you are searching for an awesome over-sized acorn with clock hands attached. These listings are like gum on your shoe. They just stop everything and are annoying. Haha, yes…word…very clever. I will definitely follow your listings now and be your special Social Network Friend foreva.

The crimes are too numerous to list. You can check out their listings for the full scoop.

Bottom line: Art is subjective, but being a pretentious twit is obvious. I am not against her. I hope she does well once she lowers her prices and stops “playing” at being an artist. The subject simply needed to be brooched, with an owl pin perhaps.

Just doing our part to expose the seedy underbelly of online sales as is our mandate. We won’t shy away from calling people out if they need it.