hawn tawnYou might remember that we featured Deadgreedy’s Hawn Tawn awhile back. And of course as soon as all of you saw it you made Dead Greedy an instant success. The dude is selling his stuff at conventions, making more weird and freaky toys than ever before and basically being an art star. I tried to talk to him when I saw him at a con a few days ago, but he couldn’t be bothered since he had a babe on each arm and was sipping champagne, all while making it rain dollar bills and throwing red skittles at me. He hates the red ones and thought I put them in his dressing room.

Anyway, the dude is doing great for himself and if you missed out on buying that disturbing yet awesome Hawn Tawn figure, it’s now a kickstarter. You can make this figure a reality! For a $50 pledge you can get one of 500 figures for yourself. Maybe cut it open and put your Luke figure in it’s belly to keep him warm. If you like strange custom Star Wars figures, help him make it a reality.

Thanks for the shoutout in the kickstarter video Jeremy and never stop making weird and awesome stuff.