barfing burritoCheck out this barfing burrito. This is pretty much how I feel everytime I leave Taco Bell. This little guy found himself to be so tasty that he made himself sick.

I name him Bart. Bart the barfing burrito. I have no idea why he is popping those pills. Probably because he knows where the meat comes from. I would be popping pills too. One is for nerves, because his foil is wrapped too tight. That’s the green one. The yellow one is ecstasy, which is how his foil got loose in the first place. I love you man. No really! The last is to forget. Because it aint easy being a burrito. It’s enough to make you barf.

Seriously, it isn’t easy. People grab you so hard that you poop out of your foil diaper. People only see you as a snack. They bite you and lick their lips, but they never ask about YOU. How was your day? Poor guy. He is just $9.98 from Etsy.