jesus artDo you love Jesus? What about bowling? Well, if you love the J man enough to display some religious art in your home, and you love bowling, here is a piece that you will want to display. It’s full of cheap superhero toys and building blocks, with some bowling pins around the edge. It’s a real score at only $2,800.

jesus art1
I spy with my little eye: Mickey Mouse, a He-Man figure, one of those nasty little trolls, E.T., the Animaniacs, a bunch of small Earths and more. All just kind of thrown in there and mixed up. Who knew that the J man was such hoarder?

Too bad we don’t have an episode of hoarders with Jesus trying to mend his cluttered ways. Can’t you picture him sitting among piles of unopened Walmart garbage and empty cat food cans, crying as they try to haul away one of his hundreds of nativities, while God stands in the background losing his s*it and walks off the show? Hoarding for our sins is an excuse that will only go so far.

Somebody get on that episode!