tupperware ghostGhostbusters has some pretty advanced ghost catching solutions, but they don’t have anything on Ebay seller lexxxxlex, who knows how to catch a ghost quick, without all the fancy proton packs.

So this Ebay seller got hungry one night. Natural enough, when you are working hard listing stuff on the world’s wackiest yard sale site. Obviously, his food of choice was a frozen pizza. The ideal sustenance for the Ebay entrepreneur who hasn’t made his first million yet.

While preheating the oven for a take and bake pizza a wandering ghost got into the oven.

It happens to the best of us. But he didn’t panic. He just let that stupid ghost melt into some Tupperware that is probably some family heirloom going back to the 70s.

Obviously the ghost is being held in suspended animation melded in the plastic.

But the situation got hairy for a minute there.

Someone or something screamed when the smoke started pouring out of the oven pre-heating to 500 degrees

Yeah, it was his wife, who was pissed that the smoke alarm went off and woke up the whole trailer park. She wasn’t thrilled that he basically ruined the family heirloom, which now held a ghost in suspended animation.
tupperware ghost