speak and mathSpeak & Math. I may never have mastered it, but I get by just fine. Aside from the occasional cashier taking advantage of me and the occasional $40 dollar pizza. Like they say, they aren’t trying to rip me off. It’s just inflation. Anywho, This sweet Speak & Math has been turned into a “Freakenspreak Dragon”. Only something this badass could finally teach me some math skills.

Etsy seller ARTSTRUMENTS has mutated this Speak & Math and turned it into a crazy dragon that plays freaky sounds and alien voices. Click through for a crazy impressive list of the features.

speak and math
– 2 Super bright blue LED’s on the sides of the unit, great for live performance.

– 2 bend/glitch switches that bend and twist the words in different ways depending on what mode you are in and how many of the switches you have on. You can get endless bent sounds and words with these 2 switches. When you turn on a bend switch and you are in the right mode,you can get the unit to ramble on endlessly.

– 1 tone switch that puts out a steady tone that you can change to a lower or higher tone by pressing the keypad. There are 3 or more different tones that you can get using this switch. You can use any of the pitch controls to “play” the pitch of the tone.

– 2 loop switches that will “catch” or “Freeze” a bent or normal sound and repeat it so you can play the pitch of the loop with any of the pitch controls.To advance to the next loop, just flip the loop switch off/on. No need for an extra “Loop advance” button. You can use both the loop switches at the same time to create cool combination loops!

– 1 Pitch change photo sensor that you can wave your hand over without touching it to change the pitch of the sound or loop, just like playing a theremin. This is one of the best feature of the FREAKENSPEAK. You can also use a lazer pointer or flashlight on the photo sensor for a cool effect.This is a great feature for live performance.

– 1 high/low pitch range switch, you can go from the highest pitch to the lowest pitch with the flip of a switch and control the pitch by using the pitch range pot.

– 1 pitch change ball for body contact, the pitch of the sound goes down depending on how much of your hand is touching it. The large pitch ball gives way more control of the sound than 2 little contacts.You can also touch the holographic front label to lower the pitch even more.

– 1 pitch range pot with ball knob to vary the pitch of the sound up or down. The ball knob is easy to grip and turn and adds to the cool look of the FREAKENSPEAK.

– 1 pitch change front panel lowers the pitch more when touching the pitch change ball. One of the coolest features is the added pitch control that touching the holographic front label gives, you won’t find this feature on any other bent unit, or as many ways to control the pitch.

– 1 Audio output 1/8″ plug to send the signal to an amp or effects or to your computer line input.

– 1 Power adaptor input plug. Power adaptor or batteries not included (6 volt , 200 mA, center pin positive)but it will work with 4 “C” cell batteries too.

– 1 reset button if the unit crashes.

– 2 Cool holographic Dragon eyes that give the FREAKENSPEAK it’s unique look. You can still see the display clearly thru the holographic eyes.

– 1 FREAKENSPEAK users manual describing how to use the circuit bent controls.

Sweet. Only $255. I’ll show the mailman my change jar later and ask if I can afford it.