virgin mary bookThere must be a Guardian Angel somehow attached to this old book, because it saved a woman’s entire family, when their house was unexpectedly set on fire, by a devious group of teenage arsonists. A few nights before the fire, a mysterious masculine voice was heard coming from the book, warning Ebay seller shygirl_2, that something terrible was about to happen and they were all going to die.

Hearing that horrible warning of impending doom scared her so much, that she couldn’t sleep at all. The first sleepless night was uneventful, but the 2nd night after hearing the message, the house caught on fire, while everyone was asleep, except for her. Because of this, she was able to wake up her entire family and make sure that they escaped the burning house.

virgin mary bookUnfortunately, they lost almost everything in the fire. The book was one of the few belongings that somehow made it through the disaster unharmed. Perhaps it was an act of divine intervention that saved it from the flames. According to the seller, she is offering the book up for sale, to help someone else out who is in need of guidance and protection. She is also hoping that the proceeds from the $225,000. sale will help her family to rebuild their home.