crop circleThis print shows aliens making a crop circle. Just like humans, you got three guys working hard and busting their hump, while some supervisor jagoff shouts orders and tells them they aren’t doing it fast enough. “Hurry it up. You want to get demoted to anal probing again? I’m looking at you Ramirez. We don’t break until this whole field looks like a level of Pac-Man!”

Look at that one guy sitting around. There’s always one of them…and it’s usually me. I’m blogging while on a construction crew right now. Some dude just asked me to lower him down a wrench, but I’m having enough trouble holding a laptop while balancing on a steel beam, so I just kicked him down a hammer that was lying here. Totally meant to do that. Whatever a wrench can do, a hammer can do better. Just ask Thor! If wrenches were so great, he would carry one! Anyway, that was like 5 minutes ago and-

Well there’s the lunch siren/ambulance. Quittin’ time.