grandfather clockYou know how it is when you’re living with your grandfather. Old folks start forgetting everything you say the minute you say it. Every time they make toast the smoke detector goes off. Matlock is on the TV 24/7, only broken up by the occasional Golden Girls marathon. Then when you take them out of the house, it’s all, here let me get that sonny, and they pay with every penny they have ever collected, out of a coin purse that must be bigger on the inside like a TARDIS. Well, it might be time to get some nursing help, or put him in a home. Or you could just shove the old coffin dodger in a grandfather clock. That’s why they named it that, right? Must be. Seems legit.

grandfather clock
They are super easy to care for when they stay in one place like that. And the clock will even tell you when to feed old grumpy-pants. Assuming you were ever home, which you aren’t! So it won’t be long until he’s looking something like what you see here. Well, you did your best. Because you care. That old codger was lucky to have a grandson like you.
grandfather clock
Don’t be sad. Life is a wonderful circle. Before you know it, your own dad will be underfoot and getting in the way. Making dinner in the bathtub and washing his clothes in the dresser drawer. Brushing his teeth with markers. Then it will be time for his grandson, your son, to add a new clock to the family home.

But wait. One day you will be getting up there in years yourself. Your kid’s kid will be eyeing you funny lately and you just noticed a new empty spot. One just big enough for a grandfather clock! But your addled brain forgets this as soon as it happens. When next you wake, you are looking out from your new eternal resting place…in the Twilight Zone.

$800 from Etsy. You could start a new family tradition.