easter bunny jesusHere is an uplifting painting to display during Easter. It stars the Easter bunny as Jesus Christ. He died for our sins. Our Easter sins. Like not buying enough candy for kids baskets and using extra plastic grass so you can skimp on a few sugary peeps. Or buying candy the day after Easter half price. You sinners know who you are. Dad.

Here you see the Jeaster Bunny in three forms for the three days it took Jesus Christ to rise from the grave, according to the biblical text. On the left, the Easter Bunny is happy, standing with his basket of colorful eggs, ready to deliver them to kids. In the center, things take a dark turn, as he is being crucified. Delicious candy Peeps mourn below the cross. Then our candy delivering bunny and savior claws his way out of his grave. He has been resurrected! Hallelujah! And run like hell!