batman in the bathroom
Some guy is selling what he claims is a 1966 Topps trading card of Batman on the Bat-toilet, made by Topps employees who were bored one day. Cool story bro. I’m calling BS, because I get bored plenty and I have never once drawn Batman on the toilet. The Penguin? Sure. I even drew a picture of The Joker using a urinal in Grand central station once, but- No, wait. I’m mixing up reality with recreational drug use Wednesdays again. That was just something I saw, not something I drew.

And before you ask, the answer is yes. His little Joker had white make-up on it too. I know because I was using the urinal next to him and I peeked. It’s the friggin’ Joker, you would’ve looked too! Don’t judge.

Oh hey! Just realized it’s Wednesday. Goodbye cruel world. Hello pharmaceutical and whiskey induced Virtual Reality.