skeleton model
This Realistic Anatomic Skeleton Model is my new best buddy. We are gonna have all kinds of adventures together. He’s a wisecracking loose cannon, while I’m two weeks away from retirement. We’ll hang out all day and tell skeleton jokes and stuff. Bust bad guys. I’ll call him Helter Skelter and I’ll keep him in a fallout shelter. Man, life is sweet. Until they kill my partner.

*Holding Helter Skelter in my arms* I told you to wear a vest! *tears* They knew just where to hit you. *sniff* Because you taught them. *sobbing* You God Damn anatomy model. You taught ’em! And they used that knowledge against you. *wailing. Clenching Helter Skelter tight.*

Promise me one thing pal.

*Crying* Anything buddy. *Sniff* Anything.

Study me like they did. Then use it against them. *cough* Let knowledge be your weapon. *Cough* One last joke friend. *Wheeze* Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

*whispers* No body.

*Skeleton turns to dust* Noooooooooooooo!

Realistic Anatomic Skeleton Model

Realistic Anatomic Skeleton Model