Hang Your Coat Up On An Arm Or A Leg
Yeah, I’ve had that problem. Disembodied baby limbs coming out of my wall. Wailing and crying too. Ghost babies are the worst. This Weird Coat Hanger simulates an ghostly baby attack so that you will be ready. It also provides a freaky place to hang your coat. What I like to do is wait until they stick their limbs through my wall, then me and a tattoo artist give them some embarrassing ink. That way when they go back to their ghost mother, they are in a ton of trouble. Hahaha ghost babies. I get the last laugh.

Well I did have the last laugh until an army of ghost moms showed up one night with that traitor tattoo artist. On the plus side, my body length tattoo of baby limbs and doll heads all over my body looks friggin’ awesome. The down side is that my body is now a portal for baby limbs. Let me tell ya, it isn’t so cool when you’re buying a pack of gum and a baby arm comes out of your crotch when you are flirting with the pretty cashier. Or when an arm comes out of your head and knocks your hat off. That’s not a funny game!