spoon disguiseThis disguise made from spoons is genius. Disguise yourself as Spoony Luv, Arthur Spooner, Reese Witherspoon and other people with spoon in their name. You put this disguise on and you immediately become a superhero.

Put it on and people will be like, “Where did you go?” and “Who are you Spoon Man?” Yes, this actually exists. Someone took the time to make it. Maybe an ancient race that imbued these spoons with power, for they knew that one day the world would need a “special” kind of hero. The kind that rides the short bus by day.
spoon disguise
I love how it has nostril holes. Because you tend to breath hard when fighting evil doers like Fork Man and Spork Girl. Or even duos like the dreaded “Salad Tossers”. Who needs Marvel or DC Comics when you have a hero of this caliber?