hot glue corsetI’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. Which is good for you since then you’ll have an awesome gooey glue corset to wear. Remember being a kid and putting glue all over your hands? Letting it dry and then peeling it off like you were a lizard shedding it’s skin? Maybe that was just me. I was a special kid. I spent hours peeling that junk off while flicking my tongue and hissing. Needless to say, snakeboy never lasted long at any one school.

hot glue corset
This corset looks HOT. It’s like my dreams of a female T-1000 have come to life. Except that Skynet has had some budget cuts and are now using hot glue corsets instead of shape-shifting metal alloy cyborgs.
hot glue corset
It’s a brilliant plan. John Connor is a young guy. He would fall for this in a heartbeat. It’s hard to focus on saving mankind when a sexy woman is wearing a sexy hot glue corset. How could anyone resist?

Update: Power outage here. Just looked out the window and things look…really messed up. I don’t remember all of those burned out cars. Or the screaming.

Update 2: F**king robots with lasers are everywhere. Even the animals are cyborgs. I’m hiding in a burned out basement and I just watched as some Skynet airships used their lasers to mess with all of the Terminator cats, while a group of T-800s posted videos on Youtube and high-fived each other.

Update 3: The world is all messed up. The internet is all videos of Terminators f**king with people and each other. I’ve been living on nothing but canned beans and the stench is ungodly. The stinky heat cloud that is my life, makes it easier for them to track me.

Damn it John Connor, how could you fall for that? A hot glue corset? WTF man? F**k you JC. Now I’m going back to get your ass too.