ashley devil dollMove over Chuckie, there’s a new devil doll in town and her name is Ashley Ann. She is Satan’s newest little cheerleader and this red eyed terror has been tormenting Ebay couple hubee2you, ever since they purchased her from a mysterious estate. Her previous owners are now deceased- of natural causes? Who knows…Ashley Ann isn’t saying.

Her new owners want her gone and out of their lives fast. The doll is making their lives miserable and they are losing sleep and unnerved, from the constant attacks by the doll in the middle of the night. They have been woken up by strange sounds in their home and faint and evil laughter. Hell, she even has an outfit that is all cryptic ancient devil symbols and some kind of evil talisman.
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One night, shortly after removing the doll from their home and storing it in the goat shed, they were awoken by the loud and eerie sound of goat screams.

According to their account,” I had thought immediately that the female was having her babies, but we looked out the window and seen that there was a fire in the pit near the goats. We couldn’t believe it! I called the sheriff because I thought someone was on our property. When we got out there no one was anywhere but the shed was wide open and nothing was missing or so we thought. Oddly the goats were going crazy making sick disturbing noises, they were banging there heads on each other and the fencing pen furiously, it was very unnerving. We let the fire dive down and locked the shed back up and went to the house. As soon as we walked in, there she was, sitting on the couch plain as day with no dress on Ashley Ann. We both were so freaked out we said nothing and we just walked right in the bedroom and locked the door.”
ashley devil doll
Grammar aside, that’s pretty terrifying. The doll was nude and all. Somebody had a wild party. Yeah I know that’s a sheep in the video, but think it recreates the horror of that night extremely well.